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Quick Details

  • Europe the European Server is up and running, please check out the forums for details on server rules/maps and game modes.
  • Also please read the forum for rules regarding the server from banned weapons to banned players, also anyone who is banned with be posted in forums with details
Team Project-X News
New and Improved

Comments Comments (0) By England Fubar in Information on Friday 29 June @ 14:27

Clan News

Welcome to the New Playstation 3 Based Clan, We are new to the Clan scene and we want to become one of the best teams on the Playstation 3 and hopefully make it to the top of the gaming world.

As we are new there are is room for improvement on all aspects of the clan from Management to the Members themselfs, We as a team will be recruiting people who are "Team" Players, motivated and willing to put 110% into their gaming careers if they wish to become a part of the New Project X Gaming Team.

Your Management and your Founder of this New Clan is Called:

UK Mike "Fubar" Slack

As the Overall Leader to this new Playstation team Mike (Fubar) will be provided the infrastructure and will be financing the whole eSports Team, From Servers to Website Costs and any other additional Costs which may be required.

pX Public Server

Comments Comments (0) By England Fubar in Server Information on Friday 29 June @ 17:03

Clan News

Well, this is the news everyone has been waiting for, the new Project X Gaming Offical Battlefield 3 server has just gone online today. at this time the server is only running for 7 days as this is just a test run whiles we here at management get the setup correct and finalised.

Once the Server has been made correctly and all maps are ready to go and all settings have been made for the entertainment of the public gamer, another additional Server will be made to host the new maps and game modes.

However, the Server is located in the Europe EU Area so if you are not in the EU area you may have problems being able to join or find the server.

Domain Name

Comments Comments (0) By England Fubar in Information on Friday 29 June @ 16:46

Due to a little mix up on my part the domain name isn't correct and wont be for a day or two, however as we are currently waiting on a reqest from xippy themselfs so that our domain name will be changed to the correct subdomain, also we are changing from a subdomain to a host domain.

As we are a european based eSports team the domain name which is currently being selected to be our domain name is "" Hopefully this will come inafact very shortly and then people will be able to find the website alot easier.

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